Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I need inspiration!

I'm finally starting to get back my ability to type without pain. It's WONDERFUL. I can't write with a pen on paper yet, at least not more than just a signature. Who knew how much of your shoulder it took to write??

At any rate, I've obviously fallen ridiculously behind in my blogging. I used to view it almost as a daily vitamin (or maybe an enema? LOL), one of very few "simple" things I can do every day to keep my mind focused and functioning on all eight cylinders. But with the craziness of the new year, my desire to do some bloggy reconstruction, and having my surgery moved up from when we figured it would be, other things took precedence.

I think I'm needing this daily vitamin once again. But now I'm finding myself with a ridiculously frustrating case of writer's block. Got any good bloggy reads you've found lately that you would like to share with me to offer inspiration? Do tell!

1 comment:

Tina said...

maybe you want to discuss what I've just posted... I just hope it won't hurt your feelings.

It is so much that I see recently on facebook among my Christian friends that make me think "since when is it all about ME and when started Jesus and His Glory to grow out of the focus"?

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