Friday, July 1, 2011

What I've been up to ...

Hi there! Guess what I've been up to!?

On the 9th of June, I had arthroscopic surgery to repair my rotator cuff. It wasn't torn, but I had extensive calcification on the tendon, requiring it to be cut, scraped, and then reattached. Same as if I had torn the tendon completely. It is INCREDIBLY painful. I'm not even going to attempt to sugarcoat it. For those of you who have had your rotator cuff repaired, I'm sure you are cringing right now just bringing that pain back to memory. For those who haven't, my only advice is to baby that rotator cuff so you never have to have it done.

It has been really difficult for me to be totally incapacitated. I don't do "dependent" well. And I am REALLY not good with my left hand! I'm sure it's been rather humorous and entertaining to watch, but my hubby has been graciously silent about the "show" he's been getting these last three weeks.

So what have YOU been up to?

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Tina said...

hope you don't think I am making fun of you when I say, I like your hair. because I really think its good.

and when I tell you that I had massive pain in my shoulder for several months in 2008, they "only" did an arthroscopic surgery, telling me all is fine and sent me home for 10 days and at the day I wanted to go back to work I had a harsh pain in my shoulder when I got dressed and when I had the shoulder replacement surgery 4 weeks later they found a tendon was ruptured and I had to keep my arm without moving it for 6 weeks... I think you have an idea now how my recovery and later the mobilisation was... And I can really feel for you and hope you are doing much better, soon!

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