Monday, July 18, 2011

One little thing

Have you ever noticed how it's always the unexpected little things that sideline even the best-laid plans? It's the eyelash in the eye of the 300-pound running back that stops the football game. It's the little O-ring that spells disaster for space travel. It's the little bird flying into the engine that brings down the jet plane.

In the garden of Eden, it was one little word. "Not". Eve was deceived with one word. Shoot, the first two people on earth only had ONE rule to follow--ONE thing they weren't allowed to do. And one little word, one thought, one DOUBT separated them from the paradise God had created for them.

Why do we think we are any stronger? Why is it we will not only allow ourselves to remain in a situation that sears our conscience and blinds us to sin, but we actually tell ourselves that "it's nothing", "it's no big deal", "it won't hurt me", or the almost-funny one--"it's not a salvation issue". Folks, when we start justifying, we're already standing ON the thin ice.

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