Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Glitches in the system

With any endeavor, there are bound to be glitches. With BIG endeavors, though....look out! We've been sort of holding our breath these last few weeks to see what big glitches were going to pop up and surprise us with this big move--hopefully our LAST!!! So far, so good. There aren't any really big issues this time around, but just a bunch of little ones.

Pete's leave form still hasn't come back from Battalion, meaning we still don't have a flight reservation. At this point, with seven people and a cat needing space on a plane destined for a relatively small airport, well, it's pushing it! It may mean our travel gets backed up one, two, or even three days, and that kind of, well, STINKS. The last thing we are going to want to be doing after Pete signs out of this place is sit in a hotel room for three days. Ack!

Jon's casual graduation photos....well, they aren't happening. Kelsey did an amazing job of actually getting GOOD shots of Jon, but when Grandma picked up the sample printed pics from CVS, the one he wanted wasn't good enough to put in with graduation announcements. The resolution wasn't adequate. Bummer. Oh well, it looks good on a computer screen...see?

I guess we'll have to go with the black & white one we have as a backup. It's not as good, but hey, it matches his black and silver announcements! Besides, he's agreed to actually sit in front of a real camera in a portrait studio when we get back to the US, so I guess I'll just have to choke back my perfectionism for a few minutes and use the "backup" pics.

By the way, yes, I realize I am *supposed to be* grieving my oldest child's graduation from high school, but I'm not. This is what we have invested all these years into, and he's certainly not upset about starting his own life, why should I be? It's almost funny to be co-planning the graduation luncheon at church with the other "graduating" mom (yes, the church is so small we only have two graduating seniors), our temperaments and the ways we are approaching this new phase of life are so different! I don't see this as the end of something, I see it as a beginning. Jon is starting his own life, beginning his own career, and for the first time in......well......ever (!!), he's finally looking at things as an adult. He may not be choosing the career I'd choose for him (Lord knows I don't really enjoy the months of endless fear that go along with deployments, I'm sure it will only get worse when it's my SON instead of my husband), but it's what he's choosing. It's an honorable career, and I know it's well thought-out. What else could I do but approach this new beginning with the same enthusiasm Jon has? It's funny--the "other" mom is clinging to the last few months before her daughter leaves for college with everything she can. She cries at the drop of a hat, and is putting together the picture board we're doing together for the grads like she is assembling the momentos to be displayed at a memorial service! I guess this is one "glitch" I'd like to minimize. Graduation isn't a glitch, it's a natural process of life!

Our van....still hasn't shipped. They told us at the last minute that we needed an appointment! It leaves Friday. That really cuts the in-transit time close to when we'll arrive in country, but we'll just have to hope and pray it all works out well.

All in all, not that bad. Sure, there are others, but they're REALLY minor. Live-with-able. They all are, I suppose. Some just stick in our craw a bit more. The only really big glitch is that none of the realtors in Huntsville want to do any business with someone outside of the country, meaning ALL of our house-hunting will have to wait till our feet are firmly planted in Alabama. For those of us (me, me, ME!!!) who don't handle uncertainty well, this is a source of sleep loss! However, since nothing can be done about it......I'll still lose sleep, just needlessly. OH well.

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