Monday, April 14, 2008

Long overdue--Morgan's birthday

I can't believe I've let the time slip this far past me. Morgan's fourth birthday was March 2nd, and just NOW I'm blogging about it. Yikes, how awful is that? Oh well, at least her "party" was on time, and she's been enjoying her princess-0-rama ever since!

Mo is our princess fanatic. It simply would not do to have anything other than princess mania for her birthday! She even wanted a castle birthday cake....but alas, without the proper tools, Mom wasn't even going to attempt those kinds of decorating acrobatics! Maybe next year....but we did pretty well bestowing our little princess with the royal treatment! Her favorite (and most useful) gift this year was a custom-made child-size backpack, emblazoned with castle and crown embroidery, jewels, stars, and her name embroidered on the front. She LOVES it, and that little bag goes everywhere she manages to sneak it! I wish I'd have gotten better pictures!
Then, of course, was her Leapster. She just NEEDED a handheld video game, since Jon and Kelsey seem to be joined surgically to their PSP's. Her favorite game, by all means, was and is her Disney Princesses game from Grandma and Grandpa. See how thrilled Daddy is to finally have some way to connect with Little Miss Princess?

The cake....ah, the cake. We compromised. Thankfully, one of the local PX's had just gotten a truckload of princess-ey stuff in and among the stock was a Disney Princess cake topper kit. It was a perfect match to the Carvel ice cream cake Mom snagged from the commissary. We have a winner! Oh yeah, one little "problem" with ice cream cakes--BRAIN FREEZE!!!!!!
Oh well, brain freeze is okay as long as it comes with a blue mouth!


Leah said...

Looks like a fun party! I love the cake, it looks so girly!

Qtpies7 said...

Funny! Trinity would loved to have been there. She is a princess freak.

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