Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Total craziness

Let's recap the last month:
  • trip to Bavaria, not much snow in the Alps, snowboarding on slush
  • Dani's ear infection
  • asthma diagnosis for me (ASTHMA????), plus a respiratory bug that will NOT let go
  • Kelsey began her job as a commissary bagger
  • first OB appointment and ultrasound showing us a "mystery" baby
  • almost a full week of snow for our birthdays
  • Kelsey turning 16
  • Jon turning 18
  • me turning 35..........UGH!
  • breaking my big toe with a 32-ounce jelly jar (I don't recommend this, it HURTS)
  • waiting not-so-patiently for orders
  • shopping for homeschool curriculum so we don't have to do it during peak time
  • shopping for spring/summer clothes in freezing weather so we have something to wear when our PX closes and we have no vehicle

Okay, so written down, that doesn't look like much, but lived? It's a lot.


Leah said...

I was wondering where you'd been!
Written down it looks like plenty! :)
Happy belated birthday to the March crew!

Qtpies7 said...

Your poor toe! I've been pretty sure I've broken a toe many times, and I didn't, so I can't imagine how bad it really hurts! yikes! And while pregnant, too, like you need that! And before moving! You REALLY needed it, didn't you?

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