Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reality hits

Woah. It's real. It's really, really real. The recruiter stopped by today while bringing Jon back home to ask if I could send his diploma and high school transcript with him next week when Jon takes his ASVAB. The physical was a breeze--the boy is healthy--can't even be unhealthy when he tries! But WOAH. I wasn't quite prepared to hear "He'll need to inform whichever officer will do his enlistment that we'll need him probably either Wednesday or Thursday of next week".

Even Pete is in a bit of shock.

The folks at the troop medical clinic even started calling him "Private" today, just to get him used to it. Jon is all grins, ear to ear. His parents......are just in shock.

More reality hit half an hour after Jon came home. The movers came by to do a run-through of the house and take measurements of all the furniture so they'll be prepared when they get here next Monday. It wasn't until they got here that I realized exactly what a disaster area this house has turned into, trying to get ready for this. I'm sure the two overhwelmed guys who did the run-through are VERY afraid of what they're going to see next week!

I thought I was on top of all of this, but I'm INCREDIBLY behind. Another rather MAJOR to-do to add to my list occurred to me this afternoon, and I have to get it DONE this weekend--the scrapbook/picture board for the grad luncheon at church has to be done before our stuff ships, or I at least have to have all the pictures, embellishments, papers, and a seriously well-planned-out layout set aside so I can do it after everything's gone.

Eek. Suddenly I have heartburn.

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Qtpies7 said...

Oh, those last days always bring big shocks. You'll make it! It will all go fine, you know it will, but first you gotta go through all the snaffoos.

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