Friday, September 5, 2008

It's September? Seriously?

Who turned the calendar speed up to "ludicrous"? [For those of you who think I've lost it....go watch "Spaceballs". On second thought, no, don't. It's insulting to the intelligence. Just humor me.]

During an oddly quiet and peaceful moment last night, Pete and I were actually sitting on the couch at the same time (GASP!) doing some channel surfing. We've still not gotten the hang of all of these channel choices, considering we only had a small handful of channels available to us in Germany. So it's no surprise that we're admittedly overwhelmed by the variety at our fingertips now. But anyway, we were bouncing between the Food Network, HGTV, and the Discovery Channel (our tried and true standby trio) when we happened upon "Road Tasted With the Neelys". This BBQ couple from Memphis was traveling in San Fransisco sampling some of the local fare, talking about how this was a little like a second honeymoon to them, and Pete and I both wondered out loud when we'd take our second honeymoon. See how our life is just one huge digression after another?

It's not like we've had much time to travel on purpose over the last 18 years...with twelve military moves under our belts plus all those trips to visit family so they didn't all forget what our kids looked like (or the other way around), we have done very little traveling for fun. In 18 years, Pete and I have taken a total of three one-night trips away from the kiddos. The weird realizations of just how much of "normal" life we've not had any part of during his Army career keep hitting us, and this one was no different. In two years, give or take, we'll be civilians. Able to do normal civilian things. And yet, we still can't even THINK like civilians. We still think in terms of four-day-weekends, training schedules, and operation tempos. The idea that maybe one day we can do something just for US is still a tad foreign...but we're getting there.

Then, like a brick, another realization hit us--it's SEPTEMBER already! Our nineteenth anniversary is less than three weeks away, and neither one of us has even thought far enough ahead to even consider that we have an anniversary this month! Thanksgiving is creeping up on us fast, Christmas is only a few months away, and Danica's second birthday--just a bit over six weeks away!

NO plans for anything, unless you count the two of us agreeing that a trip to the Bahamas might be nice for a second honeymoon...and then laughing at the futility of that thought!


Qtpies7 said...

LOL Time does speed by!
I made a plan, and we are going away for our 20th anniversary next April. I bought a cruise and Orlando vacation. I can change dates, just in case I am a little too huge for the rides, but most likely I won't be preggo, so we'll be able to take it.
You should make a plan now for that big 2-0 next year.

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, and I LOVE the idea of giving Kaytlin an ovulation microscope for her Bridal shower! LOL That is too funny!

Dawn said...

I know! I can't believe it's September either!
We have been in the States 2 months already and we still aren't settled in and things are still nuts.
In July at the Dollar Tree I noticed they already had their Christmas stuff out and I was repulsed. I mean, it was 110 degrees outside and they got Frosty's and Santa's out...hello! LOL.

But now, here it is in September and Hobby Lobby and Cracker Barrel are bursting with fall and Christmas stuff and I couldn't be

I look forward to decorating my new home sweet home soon. :-)

If you and your hubby don't do anything for your anniversary, you can always have the children cook you both dinner. :-) PB&J sandwiches all around! :-)

Have a safe weekend! God Bless You!

~ Dawn

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