Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last of the Great To-Do-Lists

Yep, that's about how I feel. All tuckered out. It seems to be a popular state of being around here lately...and by 'lately' I mean the last four months. I'm actually looking forward to a time when we aren't running from place to place. We're getting there. In fact, I think we're there!

Finally, the doctors' appointments are a thing of the past. True enough, I'm an awfully neglectful mama who hasn't even taken her four-week-old for that all-important two-week checkup. Somehow she lived. I'm growing more and more jaded in my old age--I don't have the will to take my kids to see a doctor unless they're actually sick with something that can't be treated at home. for some odd reason, every time one of us goes to the doctor, we all end up sick.

The transitioning to a new base is now complete. The only thing left is the one thing that only Pete can do--go to the transportation office to fax a copy of his orders to Fort Stewart to have our long-term-storage items released and delivered to us. We still have no clue what's in that shipment...but we also don't want the Army tossing it because they think we don't want our stuff!

I've got all of our enrolling for DEERS, Tricare, WIC, and the homeschool umbrella school done. We've even started school! I did start Kelsey a week before I'm starting Morgan, just so I can get the hundred repetitions of "you're in 11th grade now, I should NOT be hearing that you don't 'get it' every five minutes" out of the way before I'm officially working on teaching another little one to read. Technically, Morgan isn't even old enough for kindergarten yet, but I remember far too well how frustrating it was having a school system hold you back because of age, so I could care less what her birth certificate says!

Pete has almost promised me that he will actually be around this Saturday (instead of working at the railroad museum again) to give me a "break" from holding, changing, feeding, rocking, making lunches, pouring juice, refereeing arguments, and assisting with potty chores so I can put all of my efforts toward getting the last of the bedroom-reassigning-task done and tackle the girls' bedroom. I only need a couple of hours, but when I never get any backs up!

By next week, we should truly be rolling with all eighteen wheels firmly planted on the road! I'm SO glad.

Wait, what? Christmas is three months away? WHAT??

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Qtpies7 said...

I am so glad we are not in the Army any more.
I wonder if you will find those missing diapers in the storage. Fun, fun! I love surprises!

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