Monday, September 29, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook 9/29/08

Oh, how I long for simplicity! Life is just far too complicated and busy; it's so nice to be able to start the week focused on some of the simpler things instead of poring over that overly full to-do list that just screams at me. I was so thankful to have stumbled across Peggy's blog The Simple home and I think her weekly simplicity meme is a wonderful idea! If you'd like to 'play' too, go check out her guidelines and have fun!

Outside My Window... it's cloudless and sunny, and if predictions are correct, today is one of the last days we'll have our A/C running, because it looks as if Autumn is on its way with a cold front tomorrow! We're just starting to see little shocks of color here and there on the mountains, but in our front yard is a tree that is giving in to Fall color-changing a bit early--we already have a yard that needs raking!
I am thinking... that it won't be long before we'll be enjoying some beautiful walks through the nature trails on Monte Sano on cool, crisp Saturday mornings like we've dreamed about for so many years. I can't WAIT for this sticky summer heat to give way; I LOVE the Fall!
I am thankful for... God's provision through Pete's job. As stressful as military life is, and as meager an existence as we're sometimes forced to live with, even in tight times we've never worried about where our next meal was coming from or if he'd have a job next week. I just know too many people who have life very rough right now, and I'm thankful we don't.
From the kitchen... we'll feast on steak and potatoes tonight! I've had a London Broil marinating since Saturday, and my mouth is already watering!
I am wearing... white yoga pants and a t-shirt I borrowed from Pete; it's laundry day!
I am creating... some scrapbook pages from our time in Germany. I'd better get to it before I forget what all of those buildings are!
I am going... grocery shopping later on today after the girls' naps. Eventually, everything needs to be replenished!
I am reading... Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell....again!
I am hoping... that this illness will finally leave our house so we can all get some much-needed sleep instead of having someone coughing all night long!
I am hearing... little baby sounds. Music to the ears! Shelby is finally figuring out how to make little noises on purpose, and right now she's intent on grabbing the dragonfly that is dangling in front of her on her bouncy seat, so it needs to be 'talked to' too!
Around the house... is the evidence of a long-sick mom and the typical busy Sunday--a pile of laundry (thanks to Jon taking over my laundry room this past weekend, I didn't get anything washed!), the remains of a carrot cake we took to potluck yesterday, a diaper bag that needs to be restocked, and a playroom that is in DIRE need of an overhaul!
One of my favorite things... a steaming cup of coffee with creamy chocolate creamer--YUM!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I'm hoping this week to be able to get to the boxes of Fall/Winter clothes to rotate some of the girls' things. It's going to be far too chilly by the end of the week for shorts and tees! I'm also hoping to get to Michael's to pick up some plastic canvas so I can make the girls each a little nature treasure box so when we do get out for those nature walks, they will have containers for their 'finds'! Pete wants me to try out my German goulaschsuppe recipe and to make my first attempt at brotchen too, so with this cooler weather on its way, this week might be a great time to put it on the menu!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...This was a picture I found during my print-to-scrap task that didn't really fit into the sightseeing annals but is such a great reminder to find joy in unexpected places. We'd spent the day wandering through Worms, Germany, among cathedrals and cemeteries that begged to tell their stories, walking through the streets where Martin Luther walked and the Edict of Worms was penned. Reformation history, so serious in nature, was a true bore to Morgan and Jamie, but this little bubbling fountain and the sight of a few birds taking to flight struck their curiosity and they just had to join in. They make their own fun where there is none to be found, and that's something few adults can remember to do! When life gets dull, play in puddles and flap your "wings", you never know how far you could fly!

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Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

When life gets dull, play in puddles and flap your "wings", you never know how far you could fly!...

What a great philosophy! :)

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