Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kid Humor

You know how people are always telling parents of young kids to write down the funny stuff they say so you can look back and laugh about it (not to mention have some GREAT embarrassment for a mouthy teenager)? It occurred to me the other day that I'd not done Morgan shot off a little nip at Jon that I said to myself, "I HAVE to write this stuff down!"

Well, I'm writing it down. Granted, right now I've only got three big funnies of note, but with only half of the kiddos of the age-of-embarrassment, I've gotta start somewhere, right? Hmm, methinks I can feel a scrapbook JUST for kid-funnies coming on....

Eons ago, when Jon was still Jonathan (he was five) and Kelsey wasn't talking back every five minutes, we lived in [rather shabby--like the ghetto type shabby] military housing on Fort Stewart in southern Georgia. It was Mother's Day weekend of 1995, and since Pete was away for a month, the kids and I were alone in the house. Just before bedtime, a typical southern thunderstorm rolled in and we found ourselves in a blackout. Since there was nothing else to do, I took the kids and went upstairs to my bedroom to just lay on the bed and watch the storm out the window. The lightning worsened and the thunder claps nearly overlapped as the storm intensified right over our heads. Not 25 feet outside of my bedroom window, a bolt of lightning lit up a utility pole and Jon and Kelsey insisted that we "hide" under the covers. I assured them that there was no need to hide from weather, that we were inside the house where we were safe, and that in the meantime we could ask God for His protection. Not missing a beat, two-year-old Kelsey asked, "Mommy, can we PWEEEEZE call God on the phone to tell Him we need Him?"

Jonathan's quick wit upstaged any response I could have had..."Kelsey, can't you see the power's out? The phone is dead!"

**insert staged rimshot**

Two years later, our little drama queen was coming into her own and really starting to show that she had Pete's haphazard sense of humor. We'd planned a tea party for her 4th birthday and she invited three of her little friends over for a day of dress-up, Kool-Aid "tea", and finger sandwiches. Midway through their tea service, amid all of the typical four-year-old banter, came Kelsey's little voice, as polite as could be, asking, "Could you please pass the caffeine?"

**groan, snort, giggle**

FINALLY, however, one of my kids has picked up on my ability to sling one-liners at just the right time. Morgan, of all kids, had us rolling the other day. Jon was getting ready to go back to the barracks after church, and was giving the girls their goodbye hugs as they readied for bed. Morgan apparently didn't get enough of her big bro, and asked him for another hug and a kiss. Jon obliged, but Morgan's wet-from-toothbrushing face was a little more than he could handle. He expressed how grossed-out he was to receive such a sloppy little smooch, and then came the humor....

"Jon, IT WASHES!!!!"

Oh, I love my job.

This is my first time participating in Heidi's weekly meme, "Just Humor Me", but I think my kids (and the rest of my life) will offer enough blog-fodder to keep me well stocked far into the future! Go see what the funnies are all about! If you want to play too, leave a comment and I'll link you up below!


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

This is too cute, and YES, I'm sure you will have lots of blogger fodder by keeping that notebook handy! I also love the cat picture below. Too funny!

And by the way, any of your language blunders would be fun and appreciated, now that I've made a world wide idiot of myself :)!

Dawn said...

That was great Kris...

What a great way to begin the morning, with laughter....and prayer too of course. :-)
Looking forward to next weeks humor!

God Bless,

Qtpies7 said...

They are a never-ending source of blog fodder! I have a good one that I haven't blogged yet, maybe I should get it up and play along today.

If I can find the time.

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