Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday stuff

Okay, so Kelsey finally got the silly computer to recognize the foreign object in the drive as, well, yes, really a memory card! It may have defeated me, but hey, I'm the computer illiterate one of the bunch, so it wasn't really a big victory, ya know?'s the pics from the birthday mini-bash on Saturday. Our little birthday girl was in typical hammin'-it-up form and we got several really cute pics. I am already working out all the scrapbook layouts I could do with these, I'll have you know! First, the birthday girl's big sister Jamie, "helping" out with the cake-making...

The cake was a bit of an issue this year. Try as I might, I could not find a cake pan that wasn't Christmas or Halloween themed, and since I left ALL of my shaped cake pans in the States, I was on my own with the two round cake pans we had in the cabinet. Hey, no big deal, winging it is what I live for! I didn't quite expect to be winging it THIS much, though, because I had no idea till the very minute I opened what Pete calls my cake decorating tackle box to take out my icing bags and decorator tips that I realized I was missing some very vital "parts" that (of course) our PX doesn't stock. So I was quite literally on my own with just an icing bag and a pair of scissors! All things considered, I don't think it turned out looking all that bad. I did have some sprinkles on hand, and it was filled with (YUM) cherry pie filling, so what it lacked in looks was well made-up-for in taste! Oh, and you can't beat cherry pie filling for making a devil's food cake uber-moist inside! Sinful, I tell you. This should have its own "thou shalt not"! Oh, and yes, Jill, that IS my homemade salsa behind the cake that Jamie was nibbling on between fingerfuls of chocolate frosting!
I might as well just go straight to the cake-eating pics at this point. Dani loved it. While it did take her a couple of minutes to dive in and realize she wasn't going to get fussed at for making a mess, once that realization hit her, she was completely focused on nothing but the cake! This little one had a BLAST with the cake, much unlike her three older sisters, who practically had to be force-fed their first birthday cake! Notice the initial look of confusion, progressing through to the total elation on her face when we started to clean her up!

Yes, Danica, chocolate does that to a girl....

So what, you ask, did the cake look like once she had sufficiently noshed on it and we each had a piece?

You'll notice the little hand in the picture, trying with all her might to drag that whole cake platter back into reach! Hey, just because it's ugly doesn't mean it isn't scrumptious! Doesn't it look yummy???

Okay, so the cake isn't the ONLY part of a birthday. There are, of course, gifts to open! Dani didn't quite get the idea behind ripping paper--normally she gets fussed at for that too, but hey, birthdays are days to do things you normally don't get to do, right? She did just love her Mom-and-Dad-can't-find-anything-else-at-the-PX-that-someone-in-the-family-doesn't-already-have ride-on Little Tykes dump truck. Yes, Grandma....truck. Poor baby is named after a race car driver and she gets a truck for her first birthday. What can I say, we're weird! But hey, she loved it, and even now it's the only thing she cares about in the toy stash--nevermind she got the coolest Elmo Daddy had ever seen, one that you can stretch the arms and legs on (for some reason, this is oddly hilarious to the big people in our family) or a kiddie CD player. Nope, give Dani the TRUCK!

Let ME do it, Kelsey!!!!

Ok, you can help me, but just this once...
After all was said and done, Morgan had only one comment..."Tomorrow's MY birthday, right?"
Oh boy.

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