Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Part of me is jealous

Pete got an email yesterday from the hostpital in Landstuhl telling him it was time to put away the contact lenses for good and to start wearing only his glasses. Why? Well, that's the final step before his PRK surgery; the cornea has to be de-'conditioned' so they can operate on a true astigmatism instead of the correction that the contacts make. The whole thing gives me the willies! Paralyzing the eyeball so there can't be any voluntary movement, propping it open, and then scraping the cornea of all irregularities while he's AWAKE.....I can't help but say "EWWW!"

So why am I jealous? Well, after all this is said and done, he'll be free of glasses, contacts, all that mess. I won't. Laser surgery wouldn't fix what's wrong with my eyes. In fact, last time I talked to an opthalmologist about it, I was told that strabismus surgery really hasn't come all that far in the 30 years since I had my last operation; that there's only so much they can improve on microsurgery. So I'll wait it out till my vision gets so bad that there's real improvement they can make on the muscles behind my eyes, because after that, I'm at the mercy of the aging process. And my hubby....well, he'll be bepopping around wearing his cool Oakley sunglasses not worrying about anything more than reading glasses, just 'cause he's a good candidate for laser correction. Bum...

Oh, and what's the deal with the doctor telling him he should do nothing but rest for almost a week after the surgery??? I'm sensing a conspiracy here.

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Qtpies7 said...

Doesn't that stink? Just keep talking about how scarey it must be to be awake watching them come down and slice into his eye but not be able to blink or move your eye. That oughta at least make you feel better, lol.

I want to have it done, though I'd need surgery for astigmatism and near sightedness, but apparently you could still end up needing reading glasses or having bad night vision, which I already have. So I am not going to go through that and still have to have glasses. Or end up blind.

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