Thursday, October 11, 2007

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Why is it that no one can ever seem to get enough pictures of little ones? Thank goodness for digital cameras, or else my disgust at having to wait nearly two weeks to get my film developed would keep my family from EVER getting pictures! While I'm not *quite* as bad as SOME people (*cough, cough* JILL!!!! *cough, cough*), it does take me a long time to finish a roll of film and get it turned in to be developed. But now I can take pics and share in a matter of minutes!! Ok, Pete, stop snickering...I know, I'm singing the praises of the very technology that I fuss about being a pain in the neck...I give in, some things really ARE nice!

I regret not getting a picture of Morgan in a dress my Mom made twelve years ago for Kelsey before it just got to be too small for Mo, but now that I've got a Grandma-made dress on Morgan and Jamie, I wanted to make SURE I had it documented! Of course no picture lately seems to be complete without our little 'center of attention', so there Dani sits in a (*gasp*) storebought dress while her sisters model Grandma Nette's handiwork. I'm amazed (as was my Mom) that the dresses have held up as well as they have! There is some yellowing, but they're in great shape for dresses made over a decade ago!

This first shot is a bit...well, not great. But the others, let's just say I'm having fun playing with my digital pics! Yes, as a matter of fact they DO look like little angels! False advertising, maybe, but hey, what little girl truly IS all angel?

1 comment:

Qtpies7 said...

Those are adorable pics!
Oh my goodness, you have gotten windy on your blog! I agree so much with your post about being fake in church. It has bugged me for years.

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