Monday, October 1, 2007

Indian Summer

It was inevitable. All that glorious cool, crisp air has given way to one last blast of warmth. Oh well, at least it's not as hot as Florida was! I may be a Florida native, but that's a merre technicality. I don't "do" heat, nor do I relish the humidity of the tropics. Or the bugs. I rather enjoy the drier, cooler, nearly-bugless climate that Germany provides, even during this little warm spell before Autumn truly settles in and temperatures drop past the short-sleeve comfort zone.

This is one of those days that you just HAVE to get out and do something--out in nature where you can experience all the Autumn colors while still enjoying a little taste of warm weather. It won't last long. Today is just beautiful. Right now, at just a few minutes shy of noon, it's 63 degrees. The sun is shining, the breeze is just barely blowing, making all the spectacular Fall colors nearly twinkle as the leaves dance. I love this time of year, and there is NO way I'm going to spend the day blogging. Sorry, but I'm getting out of the house today. Time for picture-taking, outdoor-playing, and maybe a hike or two up a hill to take in all the colors of the season.

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