Wednesday, October 24, 2007

He can be bought! (or traded)

Pete has had several people ask him if he's willing to part with his motorcycle over the last year or so. His answer has always been "for the right price, sure", but he never really had any intention of selling it. He LOVES that motorcycle. It's nothing special, just a '92 Suzuki Intruder, but he has it tweeked to sound like a Harley, and it's that sound that attracts the longing glances.

But ya know, someone finally found the right "price". One of the guys he works with asked Pete last week if he'd be willing to TRADE the bike....for a Porsche! Hmm, that seemed to get his attention! What is it with testosterone-driven humanoids that makes them crave horsepower and speed?

At any rate, we are now the proud owners of a 1983 Porsche 924. Yes, it's old. That's the point. Pete can bring it back to the States without paying the $5K to convert it to US specs since it'll be an "antique" next year when we're ready to go back! Oh, and yes, he did have a wee bit of trouble watching SOMEONE ELSE ride off on HIS motorcycle. He's grieving, but not TOO much.

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