Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our cute little stick family portrait

I've seen these on the rear window of countless cars and vans over here in Germany, and I've kind of always wondered where one would go about getting one. Well, now I know! From Lisa's blog to Renee's blog to Christine's blog I went, then on to the site where you actually make the stickers to purchase! Okay, so now that I've got it made and priced, there's NO WAY I'm going to pay $59 for a sticker...especially one so big that it would likely take up the entire rear windshield in the van! YIKES! But hey, it was fun...kinda like the kids making all their Mii people at Uncle Greg's house last week! Wanna see? I just LOVE how slimming this is!


Stam House said...

neato!!!! this is so cute love it! Thanks for posting it!!!! and leaving a comment on my blog!!!
Us to the $$$$ is out of our range but a free cut and paste on our blog is free so it's so cut just to see it!!!

Qtpies7 said...

I did NOT see the computer body! I soooo want that one for me! I have seen a few vehicles with these stickers, and I didn't think they took up that much space, but I also didn't think they were worth anywhere NEAR the amount of money they are asking! I'll stick to my fish, thanks. We have two big Christian fish, one Silver one Gold, and then 4 smaller silver fish and 3 smaller golden fish following to represent our family.

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