Friday, December 5, 2008

EEEK! The first Christmas card has arrived!

And I was SO not ready to even think about sending out cards! Thank you, Hester Family, for reminding me that the calendar has escaped again! Time to reign it in!

I did at least get something sort of done last night. I've been wanting to do *something* with the 6x6" mini album that I picked up at a thrift shop before we left Germany for a buck, and I finally found that *something* last night. While Pete and Kelsey watched "The Others" (Kelsey had never seen it and didn't want to watch a creepy movie alone), I put the 4x6 prints of our family photo shoot in the park on some cute little background papers and at least got them all IN the book. No embellishments yet, I've not decided how I want to embellish yet, but all in time. I just felt ridiculous having all those pictures begging a background sitting there all lonely on my desk. All better! Too bad I hadn't planned on giving it as a gift, it really looks like once it's embellished, it'll be gift-quality! Would probably be a great brag book for grandparents...but too bad, their 'gift' pictures are going to be framed.

There...while I was blogging, I was also ordering the pictures we'll put IN our Christmas cards. Wait, what Christmas cards? I don't HAVE Christmas cards yet! Booger. List addition!!! I'll pick 'em up when I go out today to pick up the rest of the pictures!

No, Mom, I'm not showing you the pictures. Well, okay, I'll show you the one we're not getting printed out, because....well, you'll have to see on Christmas Day, but it just doesn't go well with the other pictures that we got. It still turned out pretty well, but the other one works better. This will probably be the one that goes on a scrapbook page, but not in a frame.
Ooooookay then....I ordered them twenty minutes ago, and my pictures are already ready? Wow. I'm still in shock. In Germany, it took a week to get anything printed out (at least on base). Yay for Walgreens!


Teri said...

WOW! It is time, isn't it? What about cards for RM? You going to head that up this year? *grin*

Love the family pic. And - all those girls...hmmm...

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, I haven't even started with the cards, yet. I better get moving. some other day, though. I'm busy today.
I get to meet Kaytlin's beau tonight.

Anonymous said...

I have part of our Christmas cards ready, but still have to address them all...ACK! The days are just passing by so quickly.

Dawn said...

We have recieved 2 Christmas cards so far. Normally I would have mine in the mail the last week of November but I am seriously slacking this year.
I stare at the 2 boxes I have and groan....just not in the Christmas mood this year. Besides everyone I send a card too almost never sends one back. I wonder why year after year I send cards and get nothing in return. Are those people still alive? I have no

Maybe I will skip Christmas cards this year...who knows...or maybe I will get a 'umph' in my step and begin addressing envelopes and what not.

I like your picture! :-D

May you and your family have a safe and blessed week!

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