Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wow, that's a first!

I finished writing, addressing (all but one...I lost the addy....CONNIE!!!!! Email me!), and stamping all of my Christmas cards before the 15th of December! I feel so accomplished! I actually crossed something off of my this-year's resolutions without even having made any resolutions! Are you shocked? Shelby certainly looks like she is!

Do the happy dance with me, will ya? No...on second thought, don't. I have terrible moves and I'd rather not embarrass myself, thanksmuch.

Don't get too impressed, though. My Christmas tree is still naked. Look behind Dani....its fake boughs aren't even fanned-out appropriately.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Love the pictures! :-D

Every day that passes I stare at the box of Christmas cards and the thought of addressing, stamping, sticking stickers and writing personal notes in them just doesn't ring a bell with me this year. Who knows, maybe next week might be different.

One thing for sure though, I began doing in Germany I believe was write out New Year's cards. I like doing that. :-)

Tell the kiddos to get the tree looking normal. :-P I had to fan out the tree this year (I hate doing that, normally hubby does it) since hubby was in school and it drove me nuts. I don't mind assembling the tree, putting lights, ornaments, ect on, but fanning the tree to make it all bushy is annoying...kind if like matching socks. LOL.

Bless you. Hope you are having an awesome week!

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