Monday, December 8, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook 12/8/08

FOR TODAY Deceber 8th...
Outside my window... it's clear, but COLD still.
I am thinking... that my brain is too scattered right now to engage in any intelligent thought.
I am thankful for... Food Network. Odd, yes, but I get some GREAT ideas for meals there!
From the kitchen... nothing magnificent today, just ham, brown rice, and corn. Boring. No thought required (yay!)
I am wearing... jeans and an oversized tee that I wore to bed. Shelby wouldn't let me get all the way dressed this morning, so I'm waiting for Kelsey to get out of the shower so I can get my top half done!
I am creating... a lot of stress for myself, it seems. I need to stop that.
I am going... to a homeschool group meeting in about an hour. Oh, and to get gas. Thank goodness it's only $1.56 a gallon!
I am reading... the new Creating Keepsakes mag. I haven't bought myself a new magazine in a long time, this was a treat!
I am hoping... that sometime in the next couple of weeks I can get some of this stuff that is cluttering up my storage room listed and sold online so I don't have to enter the new year with all of this left undone yet again. I'm a situational procrastinator, and the situation....well, has led to a LOT being pushed off of the front burners for way too long.
I am hearing... Shelby squealing at Jamie. Someone found her voice!
Around the house... ugh, don't make me look.
One of my favorite things... a full gas tank. There's something liberating about seeing that needle pointing toward "F". Funny how once you graduate from high school, "F" becomes a good thing! LOL
A few plans for the rest of the week: *MAYBE* Pete will dig the rest of our decorations out of storage so we can have more than just a naked tree. Other than that, just the norm, plus wrapping. I NEED to get that done. This is going to be a light blog week. I have too much to do!
Here is picture thought I am sharing... standing on our heads...very fitting representation of our life!Got a crazy week too? Simplify better than I did and share it at The Simple Woman's Daybook!


Qtpies7 said...

My day is very busy, but not so bad. My week is busy, too. I have to plan a Christmas Ladies Night Out that is happening on Friday and we haven't made concrete decisions about devotions and games yet, lol.
That means I get stuck with the speaking because we didn't plan that in advance.

marye said...

love the image! I am also very thankful that gasoline has come down in price!
With a grocery discount I was able o get it for 1.29 a gallon last week!

~~gail~~aka: mooselovingmamabear said...

I love watching the Food Channel...LOL but, I think I do more watching then cooking.

I haven't even looked at my CK, I know my sub was up, but can't remember when..

Have a great rest of the week...

kari and kijsa said...

Great daybook!!
kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so jealous of your gas prices. We are still close to $3/gallon :( We are usually higher than many areas because we are rural, but what a difference.

Have a wonderful week,

Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture! Don't forget to take time to breathe... and rest in Him.

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