Friday, July 20, 2007

Fun with Gummi Bears!

Poor Pete...he's such a good sport! Kelsey started it--she just started sticking Gummis to her hand, and Pete issued the challenge: "See, what you need to do is see how many you can stick on your entire face." He never should have said it. Of COURSE, she had to try it, but not with her own face, but HIS! Here's all she could do...she ended up just too giggly to continue:

And of course, Pete should have known that I can't stand to see a prank pulled only halfway. I had to help! See, now THIS is Gummi art:

All silliness aside (is that possible?), today Danica is nine months old! How can time have passed so quickly? The teeny little scrawny critter we brought home last October has grown! And grown, and grown, and grown! She is anything but scrawny now--just LOOK at all that chunk!

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