Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My how they've grown--Morgan

It never ceases to amaze me that the Lord saw fit to give us a second chance at the family He had in mind for us. If we'd have stuck to what we "knew" about what we wanted and what we could handle all those years ago, we wouldn't have our little Morgan (or her two younger sisters, for that matter)! We might be "crazy" to have started over again when Jon and Kelsey were entering the teen years, but I wouldn't trade the life we have now for anything. I can't imagine our family without Morgan, and I am SO thankful that God gave us the opportunity to restore the fertility we took for granted in our early adulthood.

I can hardly believe that Morgan is three and a half years old! It seems like just yesterday that we brought that squealing little ball of cuteness home from the hospital, and now she is potty trained and wanting to start school with Jon and Kelsey this Fall! Ironically, the time actually seemed to pass quicker with our "second family" even though we were trying to slow down and enjoy every little phase more than we did with our first two. Morgan just seemed to zip through babyhood, but I suppose that has a lot to do with her wanting to do everything her older sister and brother can do. She even picked up on jigsaw puzzles very quickly, just because she wanted to do what Kelsey does!

I'll start a slowed-way-down version of pre-kindergarten with Morgan in September. She desperately wants to learn how to read, so who am I to tell her no? I read at a young age, and I've been engrossed in the written word ever since, maybe I'll have another bookworm like me in the family soon!
As the days go by, we see less of the toddler and more of the child in Morgan, and I just wish we could slow her down a bit, but I know we can't. God has a purpose in mind for this little beam of sunshine in our family, and I can't wait to see what it is! She already charms every room she enters and within minutes can have anyone wrapped around her finger! Perhaps it's those bright blue eyes, or the wispy blonde curls, or maybe it's Morgan's signature grin, but whatever it is, "it" can make us see right past her fiery temper and the brassy little attitude that is developing uner that porcelain exterior!

She has claimed one of Kelsey's old t-shirts as her own to sleep in, and there is SO much truth found on that shirt...it has a cartoon drawing of Tweety bird and the words, "Don't let the halo fool you". Morgan in a nutshell!

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Qtpies7 said...

Morgan is such doll! I love her curls and her blue eyes.

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