Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My how they've grown--Jamie

Our little fireball, the queen of all things extreme, Jamie lives with gusto that is exhausting, deafening, and downright hilarious! She does nothing halfway, but instead throws all of her heart and body into anything she puts her mind to. If she's laughing, it's a giggle that is reminiscent (as Pete says) of a machine gun, and her laugh is just infectious! If she's crying, you don't want to be in earshot! If she's pouting, her whole body pouts with her. She's pure emotion, and she wears her heart on her sleeve!

Jamie is also our most introspective, independent child. Just as happy to sit and thumb through any book or magazine she can find as to play with other kids, Jamie really doesn't need anyone to keep her company. In that respect, she is a carbon copy of her mother! She doesn't "need" people, although she's just as much a ham as any of the other kids. She loves to entertain, but she is perfectly happy curled up on the couch with her blankie and a book.

At two and a half years old, Jamie's toddler days are coming to a swift close. More than with Morgan, we can still see that "baby" in her eyes and there is still a little bit of her baby chub left from her more fluffy days, but she is fast becoming a preschooler in the truest sense. She wants to play with puzzles, stack blocks, and "write" along with her older sister, and woe be unto anyone who tries to redirect her energies! She may still be shy enough to hide behind Daddy's knees, but you'd best not be in her way when she lets go!

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