Friday, July 27, 2007

My how they've grown--Kelsey

Physically grown but not not yet mature enough to give up the selfish pursuits of a child, Kelsey embodies the very heart of what it means to be fifteen years old. She's as tall as I am already, but far better proportioned than I was at her age. She's also so much like her father that it's almost scary...a heart of gold but no fear--of anything. Also like her father, she's quick to lose her temper but so passive-aggressive that you don't know you're being played till she's got the whole situation turned completely in her favor, so nothing is EVER her fault. That little character trait does not bode well with me and Jon, who are as far from 'passive' in any conflict! Kelsey's idealism is amazing, but sometimes she'd be far better served by keeping her head out of the clouds! Again, JUST like her dad! She even looks like him!

Kelsey has always been my mother's "revenge"--the girly-girl I never was, and full of all the fire I have always had. Oh, how I long for her future, because in turn, I have "cursed" her with the prayer for twin girls JUST LIKE HER!

Unlike me, Kelsey is more able to stay on task till it's fully accomplished, and when she's at rest she can fully rest because she never has fifteen different irons in the fire! She's a hard worker, so whatever he does in life, she will do it well and wholeheartedly.

Kelsey's spent much of the last few months in trouble, but as time passes she is learning self-control, so hopefully her future will be more "on purpose" than haphazardly lived. It is our prayer that as she gets closer to adulthood, she will keep her heart open to what God wants her to do, because we can see the potential in her to be used for His glory in ways she can't even begin to comprehend. We do already pray for the man she'll eventually marry, because he's going to need all the preparation he can get, with this fireball in his future!

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