Friday, July 20, 2007

Short Summer

Summer in Europe is not quite like Summer in the U.S.; certainly not like Summer in the sticky Southeast! Last year, we had an unusually long and hot Summer here in Germany. We had to endure almost two and a half full months of above-90-degree temperatures and humidity that rivaled Coastal Georgia...just without the nice sea breezes! Without air conditioning, we were pretty miserable. This year...well, this year is pleasantly more "normal". On the 4th of July, the girls were in long sleeves and long overalls. The wind was strong and the sun only peeked out of the rain clouds for a few minutes.

Our Summer arrived in full force with 98-degree oven-like heat and unrelenting sun this week! did, for the standard four days. Last Satuday, this Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were HOT. It was hard to do anything but sit and enjoy the weather. Well, most of us did. I am admittedly NOT a fan of hot weather, so I just did my best to avoid making it worse. I pulled up a glass of lemonade, dressed the girls in sundresses, and set them to "work" in the sandbox on our well-shaded balcony. I'll say they enjoyed themselves!

Dani didn't really enjoy the taste of sand, however! One "bite" was all it took. She then spent about fifteen minutes spitting it all out! As Morgan said, "Mean, old, nasty Mama", I just let her try things...poor kid, I'm not nearly as overprotective of her as I was with Jon.
Today, the temperature doesn't look to get up past 75 degrees. Nice, cool, refreshing breeze blowing through the house yet again. I'm LOVING it.

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