Friday, August 3, 2007


I am so glad this is Friday! Seriously, there was so much relief that came with knowing today will END this hectic week! We've been without water in our laundry room since Tuesday (the whole building...18 apartments and LOTS of people!) because the housing office decided that even though they couldn't do the work on our fire hydrant in the rain Tuesday and Wednesday, it was no big deal to THEM to leave our laundry room water off till they got around to finishing up yesterday afternoon. Of course at 10pm last night, it was still not back on, so Pete was on the phone calling in a work order at 7am! We're a family of SEVEN, and that includes two cloth diapered bums, so we now have laundry up to our eyeballs, and that diaper pail is starting to get funky! And WHAT is that brown water in my tub????? EWWWWW!

Deep breath....

My hubby is a hero. We have water again. Grocery shopping is done. Got the girls' fingers poked for their WIC bloodwork. Hmm...once that monster laundry pile is whittled down, I'm back on track! Life is good. We have our annual National Night Out tonight complete with FREE FOOD (read: no cooking dinner!!!!!), bouncy castles for the littles, and a bunch of other stuff that will be a nice change from being cooped up in the house because of rain lately. And for the absolute first time YEARS, Pete and I are going out on a date to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 tomorrow! WOW! I'm not sure how we'll handle it! Two whole hours with no kids? Oh my!

We're still hoping that Pete will be able to swing a voluntary assignment to somewhere in the eastern US before the end of the year, because it's going to get rather lonely around this ghost town as Darmstadt closes up shop for good. The date released yesterday as the "official" close of the Darmstadt community is the 14th of July 2008, so we'll be out of here probably two or three months before then if Pete isn't able to pull a rabbit out of the Department of the Army's hat before then. All we know for sure is that we aren't going to move to Baumholder. That request was denied, so now it's up to God and the Army...and Pete's resourcefulness.

Bring on the weekend!

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Qtpies7 said...

I really think you guys want to move to Minnesota. Princeton is in need of whatever it is Pete does, hehe.

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