Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen--What I love about being a Christian

Thirteen Things I love about being a Christian
1.The peace of knowing I am one of God's "chosen"; one who has obeyed the call to follow Christ and live as God would have me live.
2. Freedom from the rat race that this world thinks is necessary.
3. Seeing what I have as a gift instead of seeing what I don't have as a personal failure.
4. Enjoying the blessing of marriage as only the Creator of marriage could intend.
5. Not being responsible for my own set of standards--I just plagiarize from the Bible!
6. Knowing that there is a life far more wonderful than anything temporary this mortal world has to offer and that I have a teeny little part in it, designed just for me!
7. The knowledge that I can be a tomboy here on earth but still be a princess for eternity!
8. Having a built-in family wherever I go, and knowing that I will always be "at home" with them.
9. My soul-sister. Jill is more precious to me than a thousand blood sisters could be, because she was hand-picked by God Himself to come into my life at just the right time.
10. Never having to come up with my own version of right or wrong, truth or untruth. God already has all of that figured out and outlined for me. What a relief!
11. Meaning. I love the fact that my life has meaning and purpose and that I really can know what it is!
12. Not having to prove myself to anyone.
13. Never needing to go into a bar, pick up a cigarette, pop a pill, sleep around, or lie, steal, and cheat my way to be loved and accepted. I just am, because of WHOSE I am.

I love that.

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Damozel said...

It's a really nice list---though I imagine someone who doesn't share your views (I do mainly) would also feel that their life has meaning and purpose, that they don't have to prove themselves, etc. (?) And a Christian whose theology is a bit different from yours might not necessarily assent to all these statements (?)

But it's wonderful all the sae. I'm glad it's so good for you.

Nicholas said...

Whatever floats your boat! Glad it seems to work for you.

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