Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen--What I'd Like to Have in OUR House Someday

Thirteen Things I'd Like to Have in OUR House Someday
Sometimes it feels as though we just don't have a "home", moving so often and spending all these years in places that belong to someone else. Pete and I do a good deal of dreaming about what OUR house will look like--his ideas are pretty out-there, but mine are a tad more 'practical'.
1.A nice, wide front porch complete with several rockers and obligatory glasses of sweet tea on a table.
2.A kitchen that works--cabinets whose doors stay attached, drawers that don't fall out, and a stove that doesn't cut off halfway through making a pot of spaghetti.
3.Garbage disposal!!!!
4.A dining room big enough to hold a BIG table and have enough room to move everyone around it instead of squishing our amply-sized hineys between a wall and a chair as we try to get to the other side of the table we can't all sit at.
5.A master bathroom. We've had this ONCE, and it was heavenly.
6.Bedrooms that actually have enough space for real-life furniture.
7. COLOR on the walls!
8.A garage. Pete needs a place for his "stuff" desperately.
9.A room dedicated to computer/office/crafting stuff. I have grown increasingly weary of having the computer and all of my craft supplies in the main living space. I can't overcome clutter if we can't put things away!!!
10.Separate rooms for mingling with guests and watching TV. A living room AND a family room would be wonderful!
11.A grill area in the backyard with a sitting area for us adults. I REALLY miss that.
12.TREES (ok, maybe not IN the house, but you get the idea)
13.My own little space. We have never had enough room for me to have a little sitting area all my own for a nice comfy chair and a bookshelf. It's frivolous, it's selfish, and I would LOVE it!

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Robin said...

Yup, working cabinets are definitely a good thing to have. We redid our kitchen last year and I still love just opening and closing the "no slam" drawers.

Tink said...

I can relate to all of those! Thinking of trees... in the house must be very strange but has some appeal... in from the ground, out through the roof! *LOL*
My TT is about BED.

Jeremy said...

I think my list would be too extensive and corny for a meme... but i liked yours. Happy TT

Gabriella Hewitt said...

These are all reasonable requests and you deserve it.

Suprina said...

I am a military (well my husband retired last october) Wife. And we bought oru 3,000 square foot house two years ago. It is awesome. And to know it is all ours is just a blessing.

Great T13!

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, the dream building! We don't have a porch, which is one of our dreams, but we have a deck. We do have both family and living rooms, but the family room is awkwardly shaped and not really conducive to doing anything.
I'm not going camping!!! Donnie got sick yesterday, had a 100.7 fever an hour after taking 4 advil liquigels! Everyone is getting headaches and coughs that shake the whole bed. Not to mention the SNOT.

Lady Penguin said...

I really liked your list. I will have to think about doing this in the future! Thanks!

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