Friday, August 17, 2007

YAY! A writer in the making!!!

All of our kids have picked up on "big people" activities rather quickly, each of them choosing one activity that they learned early and did very well. For Jon, nor surprisingly, it was turning a wrench, at 12 months. Now, at 17, he's assisting his dad taking apart and reassembling all things mechanical in nature.

Sometimes, though....he regresses to toddlerhood....

Kelsey had a knack for makeup. She was "painting" my face at just fourteen months, and most of the time she got the stuff in the right place! Morgan was our little "reader". She could turn pages in a Bible (and those are some THIN pages) at just ten months, and she never tore a single one! Jamie observed everything electronic and much to Pete's amazement (and amusement), figured out how to properly use the computer mouse, turn on Windows Media Player, and yes, even open a page and send a blank email at just fifteen months of age.

Dani seems to be following in Mom's footsteps. I noticed not long ago that she was actually using the stylus on Morgan's Magna Doodle with pretty decent form, but then again, she'd watched the girls fight over that thing for weeks, she KNEW there was something amazing about that toy. What I never expected, though, was to be making a list and having my not-quite-ten-month-old steal the paper and pen right out of my hand and then attempt to write!!!!

It may be a BIT too soon, but I'm ready to go out and buy her a box of crayons!!! I can't wait to finally have another writer in the family!

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Anonymous said...

LOL on the regressing to childhood picture. Too funny! Great pictures!!

You should get her some crayons. It will help her master her fine motor skills.

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