Sunday, November 9, 2008

Date Night in Review

Two military-discount-rate adult tickets to see Fireproof: $15
Two medium drinks and a large popcorn to share: $17 (does that make anyone else cringe?)Sitting in a quiet theater watching a movie with your sweetie for the first time in two years: Priceless.

Pete and I had a wonderful 'date' the Friday before last (yeah, I'm JUST getting around to blogging about As soon as we put the girls to bed, we left Kelsey in command and took off for a quick Christmas shopping trip and then a movie. It was SO nice. I think we both decided that it needs to be a regular thing, this date night deal!

And now, my amateur review of Fireproof. (Notice there are no drumrolls?)

I didn't really have high hopes for this movie, I'll admit. I expected it to be a bomb, much like Left Behind was. To some degree, it probably was. The acting was....marginal. It actually LOOKED scripted in many places, and I found myself chuckling in sarcastic pity at how cheesy some of the characters' conversations were. kept my attention, which is more than I can say of a lot of the more highly-rated "classic" movies. The plot was actually good--it was realistic, it was honest, and the message was practical. A little over-the-top 'preachy' at times, but I anticipated that. Sorry, I guess preachy-ness is just one of my pet peeves. I got over it. There were some very good points for every married couple to ponder, every spouse individually as well. I really do wish this movie had been available for me and Pete to go see about three and a half years ago--we really could have used the reinforcement of those messages in the midst of the worst of our marriage. I hope and pray that at least one couple can be reached and their marriage saved because of what they saw in Fireproof. If that can happen, then all the cheesiness would be more than worth it!

One little detail from that movie went home with us.....Pete now plans to use the hot-sauce-chugging trick on whichever of his soldiers challenges him next! Men.....


Tina said...

I am excited for you you had such a good date night! Two weeks ago I had a marriage book in my hand where the author promoted the idea of regular "date nights" for couples.

Did you see the movie "Facing the Giants"? Is "Fireproof" comparable to it?

Kris said...

I haven't seen Facing the Giants myself, but I've heard it's comparable. Kelsey saw the Giants movie, but not we're not much help, I'm afraid!

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