Monday, November 10, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook 11/10/08

FOR TODAY, November 10...

Outside my window... the leaves are just barely past peak, it's COLD this morning, and the grass is a dingy brown...but the sky is bright blue with no rain in sight. Looks like Fall is in full swing and we're on the road toward Winter!
I am thinking... that twenty years ago today, Pete and I went on our first date. After performing at yet another football game, we dolled up and went to the Homecoming dance. I think we danced maybe once? (We were heathens back then! LOL) Both of us have two left feet and it is pretty embarrassing. So was what we were wearing. I'll spare you (and my dignity) the details.
I am thankful for... the healing God has done in our lives. Life today is truly good.
From the kitchen... we're going to deviate from our theme plan tonight and go for some more traditional long-weekend food--homemade burgers, macaroni w/ranch dressing, and broccoli salad. YUMMERS!
I am wearing... jeans and my Smiley Central ROFTL tee, plus sneaks! Heading out today to take Jon to a fabric store (GASP!!!) so he can look for upholstery fabric to redo his car seats.
I am creating... a replacement lovey blanket for Danica for Christmas. Hers has had the roughest two years of any of the girls' loveys, and it's positively shredded. There's no hope of repair, so I just bought new Tweety fabric and polka dotted flannel and a satin blanket binding...I just hope she loves the new one as much as the old, tattered one!
I am going... fabric store shopping!!!!! FUN!
I am hoping... that the family pictures we did with my digital camera's timer actually turn out as well printed as they look on the computer screen so we can give the grandparents something to put in their frames this Christmas. It's the first time we've done family pictures since Jon and Kelsey were 3 and 5. Things have changed a wee bit in thirteen years!
I am hearing... Kathy Mattea's 'Mary, Did You Know?' playing on my blog in another window. I LOVE that song. The haunting tune, the humbling words, her deep voice, it's just marvelous!
Around the house... more post-weekend laundry. I'm noticing a trend...
One of my favorite things... the smell of Hancock Fabric store! Okay, I'm ready to go, Jon!!!!
A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow the girls and I will watch as their dad and brother both march in Huntsville's Veteran's Day Parade. This year just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Wednesday, Shelby has a well-baby checkup (her 2-month 3 months of age, thank you very much whomever messed up the clinic calendar!), and after that? Well, I learned last week that "no plans" have a way of changing on you!
Here is picture thought I am sharing... 20 years with this big goof...and counting! I love you, Pete!
Many thanks to Peggy for creating such a wonderful online journal in The Simple Woman's Daybook.

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Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I'm coming over here for the Christmas music. Seriously. I get on here and minimize your blog and surf while listening. (After reading your blog of course! :))

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