Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, just as I got started yesterday folding diapers and starting the third load of laundry for the day, the phone rang and I got a very quick message that any plans I had for the day were basically shot straight out the window. Without the slightest bit of notification, Pete got a call from a truck driver to come meet him at the gate and sign him on base so he could deliver the boxes we've had in storage at Fort Stewart for three years!

Um.....we were SUPPOSED to find out as soon as they scheduled delivery so we could be READY, people! Oh well....at least it's all here now!

So....from about noon on, we spent the rest of the day unpacking boxes, cleaning three years of grime from small appliances (YUCK!), and weeding through yet another mountain of paper and cardboard! The look on Jamie's face pretty much says it all:


Qtpies7 said...

Christmas all over again! Yippee! Did you find things you had forgotten that you owned?

Kris said...

Umm....yep. I forgot Pete had bought a hideous "sitting duck" poster, framed and "ready to hang on the living room wall". EEK! Quick, excuse, give me an excuse!

Oh, I've got one....it's UGLY!

Tina said...

looks like a mess and a lot of work! I LOVE Jamie's face, heehee, good you had the camera ready :-)

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