Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jeepers, Creepers!

I'm not normally one to jump on bandwagons. I am the type to want to check things out for myself and if I don't have enough proof to convince me of something, I will drop rumors like a leaky diaper. But THIS This was a doozy.
I read this news story a few weeks back about the Fisher Price Little Mommy Cuddle and Coo dolls, and at first I laughed. I mean COME ON, people. This goes beyond seeing the face of Jesus in your burnt toast. So I checked it out myself. Went to the store and looked for one. It gave me the willies. So I took Kelsey back with me last night to check it out herself, along with Jon and Pete. Folks, this doll goes above and beyond "coo". I'm not buying that the only scripted word on this little thing's sound chip is "mama". Neither is Kelsey, who jumped back and dropped the doll when she heard it. As she says "Oh, great, as if Chucky wasn't bad enough, now we've got a REAL one?"
Okay, yes, she's a teenager and a tad But Jon--Jon usually laughs at stuff like this. Ladies and gentlemen, my mild-mannered, normally-calm son THREW the doll down and went to find a sales representative. None were to be found.
Pete even heard it. I had him listen twice, just to be SURE I wasn't being ridiculous, and then I asked all three of them to listen with me again to see if there was anything we could all think of that this stuffed doll could be "saying". Not one of us could even come up with a guess of HOW a "glitch" turned into what is a very clearly spoken "Islam is the light".
It gives me the CREEPS, I tell you. The only other thing to do that was Dani's 'posessed' stretchy Elmo who started laughing and talking in the middle of the night last year. I'm sorry, Mattel, I'm not buying that this was a "phenomenon caused by the doll's cheap inbuilt speakers" and that it's the "power of suggestion" that caused me to hear what I KNOW I heard. No "phenomenon" can be an accident if that accident includes putting four clearly-spoken words together in such a way that it produces a full, coherent sentence any more than a tornado ripping through a junkyard can produce a working 747. Oh, wait....that argument is for something entirely different!
Anyway, I won't be buying this creepy little doll, that's for sure! We bought Danica "twin" Little Mommy dolls for her birthday last month, and she loves them dearly....but this one? I think I'd have to bury it. Even if it wasn't a catch-phrase for Islam that this doll is spouting off, it's still feels very Twilight-Zone-ish to listen to!


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

That IS creepy. No accident there.

Leah said...

Weird! Where do they have this doll? This makes me want to go find one tomorrow.. I'll have John listen without telling him what it's saying.
And if it was a glitch.. how could it sound the same in EVERY single doll!

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