Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Favorites

I found this over on Behold the Lamb! and followed her source-links to a blog with enough food for thought to last me a year or two. If you want to be spiritually challenged, you just absolutely MUST go do some reading on A Pondering Heart! Anyhoo...Jocelyn turned a tag into a meme, and since Fall is just my favorite season, I just HAD to do this one! Besides, what I was going to blog about today just kind of oozed out my ears this morning! OH well....directed thought is better than no thought at all!

1. Favorite Smell? There really is nothing like the smell of those first crisp Autumn mornings when you wake up just a tad chilly because the windows have been open all night. The smell is unmistakable and indescribable all at the same time...kind of like the smell of rain!
2. Favorite Food? Soups! It's finally 'soup weather', and all of the homemade soups that have felt a bit out of place the rest of the year are finally just right! Clam chowder, lentil soup, French onion soup, tortilla soup....all of them are WONDERMOUS this time of year!
3. Favorite Color? The brilliant red that the trees display when they're at peak color. It only lasts for a little while, but there is nothing else like it anywhere in nature.
4. Favorite Drink? Hot cinnamon apple spice tea.
5. Favorite Treat? Homemade cookies--I don't make many cookies during Spring and Summer (too hot!), but I break out the cookie sheets in September and they stay in service all through the Fall and into Winter!
6. Favorite Place to go? I love to drive around looking at the trees while they're changing, and walking through the woods to view God's canvas up close and personal is just awe-inspiring!
7. Favorite Candy? It's a toss-up between candy corn and York Peppermint Patties. I'm a peppermint patty fanatic, but I balance it out this time of year with candy corn.
8. Favorite Movie to watch? Dunno. I'm not the movie nut.
9. Favorite Clothing to wear? Jeans and soft, squishy long-sleeve tees under a button-up shirt. I love cotton!
10. Favorite Outdoor Activity? Anything! Gotta be outside during the Fall!
11. Favorite Football Team? University of Alabama Crimson Tide, OF COURSE!!!!
12. Favorite Fall Holiday? Thanksgiving, without a doubt.
13. Favorite Haunted place? I don't do 'haunted'. I'd love to avoid Halloween altogether if I could.
14. Favorite Food at Thanksgiving Dinner? Mamaw's giblet dressing, slathered in my turkey gravy.....oh, I could eat my weight in that stuff!
15. Favorite Pie? Cherry!
16. Favorite Fall Hobby? Taking pictures and scrapbooking.
17. Favorite Fall Memory? Umm.......drawing a blank. How can one have a favorite?
18. Favorite Fall Sight? Other than the beautiful foliage ('cause that's a given), it would have to be Thanksgiving decorations finally taking the place of Halloween decorations.
19. Overall Favorite thing about Fall? The weather. I detest the soggy heat of late Summer, and it's just heavenly to have the mercury drop significantly!
20. Overall Favorite Season? FALL!!!!!

Wanna play too? Jocelyn has a Mr. Linky on her post, but if you leave a comment, I'll link you up below. I'd love to hear what you all love about Fall too!

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