Monday, October 20, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook 10/20/08

FOR TODAY, October 20, 2008:

Outside my Window... It's actually COLD this morning--42 degrees (hey, that is cold by Southern standards)! But the sun is shining and it'll warm up to just a tad over 70 degrees, so we have a wonderful day ahead of us outside!

From the learning rooms... Kelsey will be taking consumer math and chemistry tests today, Morgan and Jamie and I will be working on handwriting skills again and reading more read-alouds, plus creating a chore chart for the littles.

I am thankful for... the two years we've had with this adorable little ball of energy who has a birthday today--Danica! She's healthy, she's a hoot to have around, and we are so glad that God has blessed us with this little quick-change artist who is presently on her third change of clothing today...and it's only 8:30!

From the kitchen... Birthday cake is on the list to be made today, even though we won't eat it till tomorrow. All of the girls decided that our trip to Tate Farms tomorrow will be a great birthday trip for Dani, and we'll have her family birthday celebration after that.

I am wearing... SOCKS for the first time since the weather warmed up in Germany. Okay, so maybe not the first time, but I never wear socks around the house unless it's cold. My native-Floridian feet just can't handle being covered unless there's a very good reason. Today, though, it's cold enough! OH yeah, I'm also wearing yoga pants and a tee, but that's kind of inconsequential. The socks are a big deal!

I am hoping... to be rid of this cold SOON. I'm tired of being sick already!

I am creating... a master craft list for Christmas. Finances are going to be lean all the way around this year, and I plan on making several of our gifts. I've already got the fabric for a new lovey blanket for Dani that will hopefully be cute enough for her to accept as a replacement for the one that she has nearly shredded in the last two years.

I am hearing... the pitter-patter (more like thump-thump-thump-thump) of kittens (and Ty) playing upstairs.

Around the house... for once, it's clean! It did help (?) that I was stuck home from church sick yesterday with nothing to do but clean...and sneeze.

One of my favorite things... waking up to the coos and grins of a warm, fuzzy-headed two-month-old. Sigh......

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Tomorrow looks to be a really busy day! There's the farm field trip, picking a pumpkin, and then coming home to have Dani's birthday party. The rest of the week....well, looks a bit bland! Not much planned, which is probably a good thing.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... Jake shows us there's no shame in showing submission, especially when it comes with the promise of a good belly rub!
Thank you again, Peggy, for hosting the Simple Woman's Daybook! Happy Monday!

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