Friday, October 3, 2008

Have a ball?

Tonight is the annual Ordnance Corps 'birthday' Ball. Kelsey is babysitting for Pete's boss, and we're not going. I'm just not the Ball type. I don't do formal well, I detest shopping for formal wear, and personally, I feel ridiculous all dressed up. We've gone to one formal military ball, and it was...well, an experience. That's about all I can say about it. Sure, there was lots of pomp and circumstance, everybody looked amazing....but it is REALLY difficult to get comfy and enjoy yourself while you're dressed to the nines and your husband's commanding officer is sitting just feet away from you. Nevermind we were surrounded by a dozen or so drunken idiots who found it hilarious to see how high they could stack their beer bottles...

Pete is in charge of having the HIMARS launcher there and on display at the Ball, so at least he's got something to do tonight. And something very odd is crossing my mind...maybe we should plan to go next year, just one last time?

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Anonymous said...

I hope that you were able to get your Free Starbucks coffee on Monday! I will admit that although I managed to drink mine, it did NOT agree with morning sickness :(

I have the Homeschool Weekly up if you want to join this week!

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