Monday, October 6, 2008

Homeschool Weekly Report #2

Okay, so this was supposed to have been Saturday's blog post....but considering that I was out of commission thanks to a nasty bout with a rupturing ovarian waited!

Last week was sort of a "light" week with the littles. We stuck with the read-alouds and the girls decided on Monday that I just had to repeat that day's reading in Mother Goose for the rest of the week. We must have heard "One, Two, Buckle my Shoe" six hundred times last week! Both Morgan and Jamie find it side-splitting that the rhyme to "nine, ten" is not what they hear on Barney, but instead, it is "A big, fat hen"! You can only imagine how much giggling went on here over that! We are learning about seasons as well as calendars, and this week (now that I finally have the printer cooperating) we are creating the girls' very own calendars.

Kelsey still had a full workload last week. Interestingly enough, she's enjoying the work on taxes that she's doing in consumer math. She is a bit shocked that the government takes THAT much of our money. Welcome to reality, my dear! She was a week ahead in chemistry, so instead of being another week ahead, she opted to just skip that subject this week and replace it with reading her new fascination--the Twilight series. I'm rolling my eyes, but allowing it. I did tell her that it's not something I'd choose to spend my time reading, but this is the first time she's voluntarily read ANYTHING, so I'm not protesting too loudly.

This week, the public schools are out for Fall Break. We aren't! Nuff said?


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I'm soooo sorry to read of your pain this weekend :( ...but homeschooling is wonderful to work around those trying times and allow for mom to train from "couch" when needed. Please take it easy and I will keep you in my prayers.

As for my morning sickness, I am FINALLY on the leveling out mode at 20 weeks. I'm still very weak and shaky, but I am taking it easy so I don't relapse again.

See ya next week!

Qtpies7 said...

How are kids off school already??? The weirdest thing is happening here this year. There is no school for students on halloween! I am so excited about it! It is a teachers workshop day, but that means I don't have to keep my kids home to avoid the halloween celebrating that "isn't" happening, but always does.
During Drew's commission service the pastor prayed for God to fill the void that Drew is leaving, lol. I immediately thought of being pregnant. And I happen to be fertile today, how convenient is that????

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