Thursday, October 30, 2008

No. Way.


Why didn't someone wake me up in September and tell me the calendar was in overdrive??

When I saw this today as I was blog-surfing, I actually spilled my coffee down my shirt in shock. 56 days!!?? Goodness, I'm so far behind the power curve AGAIN! Seriously, how does this happen every year? Tell me I'm not the only one who does this, will you?

Enough already. I have a TON of work to do. Maybe a countdown is a good idea. What's today's topic? Thanksgiving meal planning? Hey, that I can do! Considering that we'll have Pete's dad, his wife, and a couple of extra soldiers from Jon's platoon eating with us this year (Dude, we need a bigger table!), I guess I'd best get going on meal planning anyway! Hmm....a menu, huh? How's this look?

Spinach dip and fresh veggies to snack on
Seven-layer salad (Pete's favorite, no holiday goes by without a request for this one)
Deviled eggs
Green bean casserole (would it be Thanksgiving without it?)
Sweet potatoes with apples
Mashed potatoes
Turkey and Mamaw's stuffing (made with chicken and turkey giblets...sounds weird but WOW)
About a gallon of gravy
Crescent rolls
Cranberry sauce(s?)
Enough sweet tea to float a US Navy destroyer
Cheesecake (another of Pete's must-have's)
Pumpkin pie
Cherry pie

Goodness, do you think that'll be enough food? Maybe I should start clearing out the fridge now! I'm beginning to think that one of the requirements for whatever house we purchase next year is a BIG dining room so we can put a huge-normous table in there and fill it with just tons of people--kiddos, grandparents, SONS-AND-DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW (woah....), grandkiddos....not to mention guests!

It took nineteen years, but finally I'm hosting that holiday I've dreamed of being able to 'do', extended family, AND our kids' friends. I refuse to stress, because this is a huge blessing to have the opportunity to do this! Okay, I'm refocused now. Whew. Deep, cleansing breath. Maybe, just maybe I oughtta bookmark this 100 Days to Christmas countdown?


Anonymous said...

Are we that close to Christmas already...really? I have to get past this week before I think towards Christmas. Glad you holidays are shaping up to be great!

Qtpies7 said...

That should be fun with a new baby, lol. Been there, done that!

I still don't know what we are doing, but assuming the usual, Donnie's family coming over.

Connie said...

Your menu looks perfect! Now I want to add Cherry pie to mine!

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