Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No kid should ever reach adulthood without this experience

I'm thirty-five years old, and I just went on my first (yes, EVER) hayride yesterday. For some very odd reason, I feel my childhood was strangely deprived! Sure, I grew up in South Florida, with the salty sea air, the beaches, the warm weather...but there are things I want my children to experience in childhood, not to wait till they are crusty, old adults who can't see things through the innocent eyes that take in every little nuance of life and cherish it like there were nothing else like it on earth. We had one of those experiences yesterday, when we took a field trip with the homeschool group to a local farm. It was wonderful fun, and we all had a great time--even Kelsey, who unfortunately spent most of the trip shadowed by two teenage boys....I'm going to have to start carrying around that picture of her dad holding a big 'ole machine gun, I think. Do you think this would look good on the front of my diaper bag? It's pink camouflage, if that helps!Being out on the farm really helped fuel my desire to move to the country. I didn't mind the drive out there at ALL...and the wide, open spaces and clean air were SO refreshing. It was wonderful to see my kids enjoying something that children for hundreds of years have enjoyed--things that didn't require wires, batteries, or internet access. No glitz, no glamour, just good, clean fun. They learned that throwing hay at your big sister and having her squeal because she has to pick hay out of her bra is just HILARIOUS (Mom thought so too...); they walked through fields; they picked cotton straight from the plant; they dove into a corn crib and buried each other in dried corn kernels; they got lost in a hay bale maze; they petted rabbits, goats, and a baby calf; they cried when we had to go home because the sand pit was just too much fun to leave behind. They never once complained of boredom or that they were dirty, and I never once worried because one of them was out of my sight. On 6,000 acres ten miles from the city, where were they going to disappear to? The pumpkin patch? Well good grief, Charlie Brown, that's not a problem at all! It was a bit interesting to find kernels of corn in Dani's diaper when we got home, though!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with five pumpkins!!!

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Qtpies7 said...

That sand pit DOES look fun! I should have my dad look at that pic and make one for the grandkids!

I hope you get your country home soon, you'll love it.

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